Why howdy, rancher number . This your first time on the far, far range? Let me introduce myself and the terrain, then.

PLORT is a fanlisting dedicated to the game Slime Rancher, where the player takes up the mantle of Beatrix LeBeau, a greenhorne out on her lonesome on a distant world populated by slimes.

What are slimes?

What is a fanlisting?

Keep reading, rancher - and if you like, or if you know the answer to those questions already, please join PLORT, as it is a listing of fans of this particular project approved by The Fanlisting Network.

Slime Rancher is a PC and console game released into 2017 where one does, indeed, ranch slimes. What this amounts to is venturing from your homestead each day with a vacpack and jetpack to guard you against the perils of a foreign world. Playing as Beatrix Lebeau, you'll suck up wandering slimes and bring them home to high-tech corrals, feeding them flora or fauna in the hopes of procuring plorts — their highly scientifically interesting excrement. Should a slime imbibe another species' plort, they will change irrevocably. If this is their first encounter, they will become a hybrid, called a largo; if it is their second, they morph into a monstrosity known as a tarr that preys on surrounding slimes, combated only by spurt of water.

It's a curious world, the far far range. Though you'll have no direct contact with any other person — excepting perhaps the loving letters send by Beatrix's romantic partner, Casey, alluding to their former life together — there are hints of a former civilization that worshipped the bizarre and endearing slimes that roamed its surface, both surprisingly resilient and fragile. Slimes literally pop from the earth at certain intervals, grouped roughly by ecosystem; as they are usually in crowds of at least three species, trouble starts, so a tarr devours the population, and then they pop out anew.


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20th June 2021


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